Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Nvidia surpasses Alphabet and Amazon in market value

Nvidia managed to surpass both Amazon and Alphabet in market value in the same week. The company overtook Amazon as of Tuesday and got ahead of Amazon as of Wednesday. The chip maker has a market capitalization of $1.83 billion, placing it above Amazon at $1.78 billion and Alphabet at $1.82 billion.

Thus, Nvidia; It became the fourth most valuable company in the world, after Microsoft, Apple and Saudi oil company Aramco. The company currently produces the H100 chip, which powers many of the LLMs in use today, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the majority of AI projects from Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon.

The world’s largest tech companies are joining the AI ​​chip arms race, each hoping to create their own GPU chips to topple Nvidia’s virtual monopoly. Ironically, Nvidia’s biggest AI chip sales come from the same companies. The Santa Clara-based firm is nearing the launch of the H200, a superior AI chip with more memory capacity and bandwidth than its predecessor.

Nvidia can win while helping others

The chipmaker has invested $30 billion to create a unit that will help other companies develop their own custom AI chips. In short, Nvidia can benefit from other companies developing their own artificial intelligence chips.

Meanwhile, direct competitors like Intel and AMD are also working on their own powerful chips that could rival the H200.

Danish Kapoor