There have long been rumors of borderless mobile screens. Every time it starts speculating about the next generation iPhone, or Galaxy flagship will pop up concept sketches, the futuristically designed fabrications where the entire front is a screen.

MI MIX, TECHNICAL Specifications
DIMENSIONS 158.8 x 81.9 x 7.9 mm (209 grams)
SCREEN IPS LCD 6.4 inches
RESOLUTION 2,040 x 1,080 (362dpi)
PROCESSOR Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, faster version
OS Android 6.0 – MIUI8
CONNECTIVITY Cat 12, 600Mbps. For our interests, it lacks the band 20
CAMERAS 16 megapixels with focus by phase detection. 5 Megapixel Front Camera
OTHERS The option with 256GB comes with 6GB of RAM
BATTERY 4,400 mAh

They actually took and did, was to end Xiaomi. Mi Mix is a burly phablet, over eight centimeters wide with a monitor on the whole 6.4 inches and 1080 x 2040 pixels. It has a little wider aspect ratio than phones usually have no such noticeable when we play videos on it, with black bars top and bottom.

Xiaomi Mi Mix has screen all the way up. Loudspeakers are behind, and the camera is moved away.

Xiaomi has screen like no other

The most striking Xiaomi Mi Mix is ​​that the screen goes way out to the edges, not just the pages but also on the high side. Completely borderless is not it, but there’s a button-millimeter rim around it, and at the bottom we still get a centimeter blacklisted. But it really is a unique experience. It is not a completely square screen, but there are some pixel rounding in each corner. It’s a small detail, but one that actually does as much for the style of the phone that the screen spread.

This is truly a handset with stylish design and luxurious feel in focus. The front is a surface made entirely of glass, the back is also a helblank surface, with the exception of hole camera and a fingerprint reader. And when the words “Designed by” is written on the back, it is probably no doubt that the appearance has been great focus. It feels as if it is also the glass on the sides around, but it turns out that the back and sides are in fact in a ceramic material. Design-wise, we’re talking about black and glossy just everywhere.

Mi Mix has really elegant and luxurious, if not entirely practical, design Its shiny surfaces loves dust and dirt and slippery to grasp.

Unfortunately, all the shiny surfaces that Mi Mix is really tricky to grasp – not just because it is wide, but because its surfaces sliding around in your hand. You can grab the sharply for not slipping from the grip, specially considering that it is considerably heavy. We get a protective shell that makes it easier to grip, but with it you lose both good looks and a lot of screen borderless feeling.

Robust performance

Now it’s not just the outside that is lavish, even specs under the hood is maxed. Here we get a Snapdragon 821 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Can not insert the SD card, but with as much space in the phone learns hardly be something people will miss. Xiaomi usually always good to be in terms of performance with its flagship, and this is no exception.

One of the finest phablets we Reviews. Now we hope to see the same cool screen solution in ordinary femtummare too.

High performance and large screen with high brightness (about 500 cd / m2) can be a warning sign of poor battery life, but Xiaomi has stopped a sizeable battery of 4,400 mAh to remedy it. And it succeeds. Nine hours of web video and almost as long operating time for surf and app-job is clearly well accepted. With support for Quick Charge 3.0, you can also charge the battery comfortably fast.

The odd design makes Xiaomi has been compromise on two things. It’s screen in the way in which the speaker for phone calls and selfie camera would otherwise sit. The speaker is there, but sitting behind the screen panel and are not of the traditional type, but propagates vibrations in the chassis. Innovative? Yes, but we do not really think it does an adequate job. It is thin and sound with low maximum volume. Should you make calls with Mi Mix, we recommend a headset. Additionally, you see pretty silly out with this handset in almost surfplattesorlek pressed against the ear.

Camera and interfaces

Front facing camera is instead in the bottom, and pull off the photos app, you see yourself in sharply, and often not so flattering frog perspective. But you are prompted to turn the phone upside-down when you take a selfie. In any case, we believe that it is what it says. We get up a symbol that looks as if it wants us to turn the handset, and a variety of characters and numbers.

Selfie camera has been relegated to the bottom.

The cameras are otherwise nothing special to boast. It’s a pretty standard seasonal set with a 16-megapixel sensor at the rear and a 5 megapixlare forward. It takes sharp images in good light, but where we feel that the color reproduction is patchy, uneven and gives us some noise in detail. As the camera of Mi Mix is better, with responsive autofocus and good microphone.

crippled imports
Mi Mix was released in China in October, and then with Android 6.0 and interface MIUI, which it still has. The version sold on GearBest has an international ROM, which means that it has been all languages support, but unfortunately not filled out, the apps and features that Xiaomi themselves added in English.

Another confusing part is that the phone asks for a “Location” at the first start, but there is not India with that option. It does not seem to make any difference to the features of the phone, except to set the time zone, so we choose Kolkata and everything seems to work as it should. A handful of apps that tend to be standard in Android phones, like Gmail and Google Drive, is also missing, but can easily be installed manually.

MIUI itself is a neat interface with certain IOS vibes in the design and set up. Here are a bunch of smart extras, such as settings for color temperature and sound character (the sound quality is quite okay, but pretty average for a smartphone), dual profiles so that you can lend your phone, but people can pry into your privacy, password lock for individual apps, and various other useful information.

Unfortunately, it’s also still the same drawback with this as with any Xiaomi handsets:  4G, that is used by several operators outside the urban areas. In some situations, we must therefore make do with 3G. It can be a drawback for some, but completely irrelevant to others.

Xiaomi Mi MIX: Our Opinion

It would be really fun with a little better location in the future Xiaomi phones. For the Mi Mix show that they really can make not only affordable performance, but also charming with cool design and lyxbygge. Mi Mix and its unique screen is an awesome concept, but it comes with its own problems, and the large size is probably too sharply for many.

Not to mention the juicy price. Mi Mix is loose on over Rs. 40,000 INR. It is also possible to get for just over Rs. 34,530 INR (when official) in some stores that import directly, but then we do not know which version of the ROM that is included. Sure, there are top-performance, well-built and we get a lot of storage, but other aspects are too mediocre to justify the price. This is a fun demonstration model, but not something we recommend as a serious purchase.