Lenovo Yoga A12: an affordable laptop with a tablet face for Rs. 20,500

The world of tablets is tragically blown between the growing capabilities of smartphones and the endless possibilities that continue to present the computers from quarter to quarter. The gap left uncovered by these two items leaves the leading role for tablets and many companies are starting to move to create something new: thin and portable laptops. A lot of lapblets. The appeal is to subtract specifications from tablets, make them fully portable, add a keyboard and, of course the aesthetic vector has to have a generous development to attract consumers.

The Lenovo Yoga A12 is a laptop that at its thinnest point reaches 0.53cm and will have a touchpad with the keys delimited. While it may not be the convenience that mechanical keyboards or streams provide, portability is the pronounced look on this laptop. Of the specifications known, the processor will be the Atom x5, will have 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage capacity. The battery life will be 13 hours and all this will be priced at US $ 300.

The purpose of this low-budget laptop is to provide a comfortable, beautiful model that will facilitate the most elementary functions to the consumer. This is: browse, some office products, check mails, general productivity applications will be the programs chosen to run on these types of computers. But for those who only live on that, this is surely a more than viable option. And for those who do not, this computer can also be a great gift for someone who is trying to get close to the world of technology.

The Lenogo Yoga A12 will go on sale on February 8 this year and hopefully be the beginning of portable laptops ever more powerful.

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Vaibhav Mishra

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