Gmail for iOS adds Artificial Intelligence to offer smart notifications

Gmail for iOS adds Artificial Intelligence to offer smart notifications

Google has announced that the Gmail for iOS version now integrates Artificial Intelligence to offer smart notifications among the large number of emails that users can receive daily.

Thanks to machine learning, the application studies which messages are most important to the user to later show them through a push notification, thus avoiding distractions in less important emails. With this improvement, Google intends to make the notifications more relevant and less annoying.

It is important to note that this feature is not activated by default. It is necessary to enter the section of notifications in the configuration menu, where this option will be visible for use.

Although this option is already available on iOS, some users may not see it in the settings of their application, something that will be solved in the coming days, as confirmed by Google. Regarding the version of Android, the Mountain View have pointed out that the feature will also arrive very soon to your system, but without specifying a specific release date.

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