Facebook Messenger: soon automatic advertising videos between your conversations

After the classic commercials, the automatic videos … One wonders where will stop Facebook Messenger. Yes, a few months after the arrival of classic ads – understand static – Messenger should soon be hosting advertising videos between your conversations. These will start automatically, in auto-play.

Current ads on Messenger

Moreover, the website Quartz says that according to Facebook, this new type of advertising is already deployed for a small group of users and that everyone will receive little by little.

For the information, this is what the spokesman asserts: “We will broadcast video ads gradually and thoughtfully.”

Facebook does not really have space on its social network to add other ads, and then simply said that it was necessary to put more on Messenger. Also, the addition of conventional advertising in the application did not have an impact on the number of messages sent. One wonders then why not put videos in auto-play. Sacred Facebook.

Half of this movement can be understood by Facebook: Messenger is used by more than 1.3 billion people each month. Advertisers will not hesitate to put their hand in the wallet, especially for videos that start automatically.

Obviously, Facebook says that people using Messenger every month are the priority and will always be masters of their experience. Thus, we will be able to hide the advertisement – after two clicks – or report it. Clearly, the same options as for conventional advertising. Just remember that you will not be able to disable them.

If you find it a little too intrusive, you can go to other email applications.

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