Apple iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Are Reporting Very Less Sales in India | Here’s Why

Apple iPhone XS and XS Max are reporting very less sales in India, mostly due to the rising competitors

Comparing the previous year’s offerings by Apple to the current year sales, Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max have failed to acquire the users despite India being the largest smartphone user country in the world. The iPhone XS of 5.8-inch display and the iPhone XS Max with the 6.5-inch screen was launched on 13th Sept. The iPhone XS Max comes with the most massive screen ever Apple has produced. The devices have the latest A12 Bionic chipset on 7nm architecture promising better performance with less battery drainage.

However, retailers claim that the response from India has not been good like it has been previously. Unlike before, Indians do not seem to be desperate about the new launches of iPhones. Where the stock used to get over within the first week in India, it is currently left more than half.

Increasing competitors of smartphones in India

Apple is the world’s largest company in tech by revenue. Its market share, however, has shrunk to just 1 per cent in India. This has greatly been due to the rising popularity of Chinese smartphones like Xiaomi, Oppo, One Plus, and Vivo. These companies collectively dominate around 51% of the tech market in India. They offer smartphones not just at lower prices but with premium features making high-end mobile phones. These cheap in price smartphone is similar to Samsung’s Galaxy flagship devices or iPhones.

However, the retailers are expecting the sales to go up once the period of Shradh which is a Hindu ritual that takes place to pay homage to ancestors comes to an end.

Analysts report that the Apple may find it hard to sell its new iPhones to people other than their hardcore customers since the prices are incredibly high and out of reach for most of the Indian people.

New iPhone XS & XR Prices in India

The iPhone XS Max is the most expensive smartphone costing Rs 1,09,000 for the 64 GB internal storage variant. It goes up to Rs 1,44,900. The iPhone XR is the Apple’s cheapest offering which starts at Rs 76,900. iPhone XS, the successor of the iPhone X, starts at Rs 99,900 for 64 GB internal storage variant.

Xiaomi holding the most significant market share in India offers impressive smartphones between the range of Rs 9,000 to Rs 25,000 ultimately conquering the market.

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