Microsoft Surface Pro 6 | Features, Availability & All Other Details

In a special hardware event that was held recently, the leading electronics and software Company – Microsoft presented the Surface Pro 6 as well as the Surface laptop 2. Along with this, Microsoft also took the cover off the Windows 10 October 2018 update which is now available for the users.

As far as the new range of the laptops is concerned, Microsoft has conveyed the availability of the Microsoft Surface 2 near October 16, 2018 along with the pre- orders which had debuted on the day they were unveiled. A good investment in an electronic device is sure to fetch long lasting results and when it comes to Microsoft, there isn’t any question. Drive in for the features of Microsoft Surface pro 6 below.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 | Check Features Here

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is of proper resemblance to the surface pro models that were released some time back. Whereas, the new model is known to offer 16 GB RAM as well as a solid-state drive which possesses a storage capacity of 1 TB. This series of laptop has its first ever quad-core processor as per the reports.

Also, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 includes the new Intel eighth generation processor which is known to be as much as 67 percent more powerful than the previous one. Also, the user can enjoy 13.5 hours of the laptop’s battery life along with an 8MP rear camera. To add on, this model is known to have a screen size of 12.3 inches and boast the improved internal cooling as well.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 | Availability & Other Details

Available for a beginning range of $899, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 can be pre-ordered from October 16, 2018. Whereas, if you wish to make the purchase of a fully functional laptop along with a keyboard, the price of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, is likely to go up by another $100. Both the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 as well as the Surface laptop 2 are available in a brand new matte black colour which is an addition to the blue, burgundy as well as the platinum colour options that were available before. Wrappers from the Studio 2 along with the all new Surface wireless headphones have also been taken off, for the users to add to their carts.

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