So, these are the next Trio: iPhone XS, iPhone 9 and iPhone XS Plus

With permission from the competition, the big news that is coming up in August will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and September will be for the next batch of Apple phones. The future iPhone, which has long been configured as a trio among rumours, have an appointment with the market in the ninth month of the year, and a well-known French media have published their names, and some features, exclusively.

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For a long time, leaks and rumours have been forming the idea that Apple was preparing again three phones for its next release. A model based on the X, another with a slightly larger screen and the same format and a “normal” model, which would be called either iPhone 8s or iPhone 9. As we can see from the exclusive of Les Numériques, it will be the latter.

The trio that would arrive in September

In the exclusive, the next iPhone are ordered according to their screen size, three sizes that seem to confirm the leaks that have been coming to market in recent months and that place the smallest model at 5.8 inches and the largest, at 6.5 inches. Three telephones with ‘notch’, with glass backs and two different technologies for the panel.

The iPhone XS is the one that would open the triple. A phone with a 5.8-inch OLED screen, with a resolution still unknown and that would have a double rear camera. In addition, the glass back cover would give it the ability to charge the battery wirelessly. Something that, given the filtered information, would be installed indefinitely in the Apple catalogue.

[bs-quote quote=”The iPhone 9, solo with a single camera and LCD screen.” style=”default” align=”left”][/bs-quote]

The second model would be the iPhone 9. A phone with an LCD screen that would reach 6.1 inches and would also adopt the front of the iPhone X, with its corresponding ‘notch’. In this case, we would have a single rear camera and again wireless charging for the battery. No data on the capacity of this or the other two models.

Closing the trio of releases, the iPhone XS Plus. In this case, we would have a new OLED model with 6.5 inches screen, and with the same wireless charge for the battery for its glass rear. For the camera, again a double sensor, leaving the iPhone 9 in the minority with its unique rear sensor, something that has already happened to the iPhone 8 almost a year ago.

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Nothing is known about the future iPhone SE 2, which was already passed the renewal cycle and does not seem to be included in the planned launches, even without being official, for September. We will be attentive to any information that may arise about this triplet of Cupertino models.

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