Apple Was Hacked For a Year’s Duration By a Teenager

It may seem pretty big, but Apple was hacked for a whole year, by one and the same person: a teenager. One of the biggest and most historic technology companies was trapped by a 16-year-old Australian. By entering the servers of the Cupertino company, he stole 90 GB of data.

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User data has not been compromised

It took a year to find the identity of the hacker who raged the servers. At each of his many intrusions, the teenager managed to deceive the security. The nature of the syphoned data has not been revealed. An Apple spokesman assures him, “no sensitive customer information was compromised during the incident.” When Apple detected the attacks, the company turned to the FBI. The Bureau immediately contacted the Australian Federal Police, its Australian counterpart. A search allowed the authorities to get their hands on the two pirate MacBooks, known as those used during hacks with their serial numbers. The stolen data was stored on his smartphone and a hard drive in a folder named “Hacky hack hack“.

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Hacker and Apple fan

The teenager, who would have shared his exploits on WhatsApp, did not deny the facts: he pleaded guilty. According to the newspaper The Age, the teenager reportedly said he had no bad intentions and that he has the dream of working for Apple. Funny way to show interest in a business. His judgment should be rendered in the coming weeks.

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