Amazon artificial intelligence will be on the Moto

Moto has announced that it is working on a new Mod for its Moto Z family that will allow to use Alexa, the artificial intelligence of Amazon in the smartphone. It will also include it as standard on future models.

At the Mobile World Congress that ended today we have seen many ads. Lenovo, with its Moto brand, was the protagonist of a part of the afternoon of Sunday, when presented the new Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus.

But in addition to these two smartphones also showed new accessories for his family of modular phones, the Moto Z. They were five and also taught in which he is currently working.

However it seems that the ability to expand the possibilities of these phones will not be there and now we get the confirmation of another Mod, in this case in collaboration with Amazon.

Alexa on the Moto Z

Even if the media impact is not very high in the United States Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence, is a success. More and more homes have one of the devices that include this personal assistant, the best known being the Amazon Echo speaker.

The e-commerce giant knows that entering mobile phones will be important for the future, which is why it signed an alliance with Huawei to implement this virtual assistant within the top range of this manufacturer in the United States.

Now it has done the same with Lenovo, with which will design a new modular accessory for Moto Z. With it will provide the ability to communicate with Alexa the owners of the phone.

And in mobile futures

In addition to working on this accessory the mobile company has announced that in future releases the Amazon smart system will be pre-installed.

Amazon is advancing in a race in which Google had a great disadvantage but after the announcement today takes a radical turn. Google has released Google Assistant for many phones with Android 6 and Android 7, by now in the United States.

In the next few months we are sure to see more movements of this type in both the two companies faced as in their trading partners.

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