Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

WhatsApp renews the design of the Status tab in the Android application

The latest beta version for the WhatsApp Android application shows that the design of the Status tab has been renewed. The version available on the Google Play Store offers a new interface for viewing status updates. In addition, the new update focuses on ease of access and improved navigation.

The updated interface brings a significant change in the way status updates are displayed. Moving away from the previous horizontal layout and profile picture definition, the new design adopts a more intuitive approach.

Users can now preview status updates directly from the status updates tray at the top of the updates tab, via thumbnail previews of the first shared status. This allows you to quickly browse content without having to open each status update individually.

This redesign came in response to user feedback highlighting inefficiencies and lack of intuitiveness in the previous layout. WhatsApp aims to streamline the browsing experience by providing large thumbnails for previews, allowing users to easily decide exactly which updates to view.

Additionally, the redesign affects the placement and visibility of Channel posts in the Updates tab, which includes both Status and Channel updates. The new card-style format for status updates could potentially change the way Channel updates are displayed by making them more prominent. Despite some concerns about the space taken up by these card-based previews, the main goal is to make status updates easier to select and view.

The new design, which is in beta phase, can currently be tested by a certain group of users. It is stated that the new design will be developed in line with the feedback given by users.

WhatsApp is also testing other innovations

WhatsApp is also exploring additional features such as syncing chat locks across devices for enhanced security and testing a file sharing function similar to Android’s Quick Share. Additionally, reports suggest that the company may enable cross-platform messaging in compliance with EU regulations.

Danish Kapoor