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Danish Kapoor

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with 256 GB capacity is on sale with a great advantage at Hepsiburada

While discussions about the innovations offered by Samsung’s 2024 model Galaxy S24 Series continue, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is sold at Hepsiburada with a remarkable price advantage for those who are considering investing in last year’s model, considering their budget. Samsung Shop Online price 61.999 TL The model with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage space, It is sold for 50.999 TL at Hepsiburada. This means a price advantage of 11,000 TL.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra features

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra appears as one of the newest wonders of the technology world. This device, equipped with 256 GB storage space and 8 GB RAM capacity, is offered to its users under Samsung Turkey warranty. This model, which draws attention with its high-end technical equipment and stylish design, allows users to immortalize every moment with clear, vivid and smooth photographs. While its 6.8-inch wide screen increases ease of use, its full-screen design offers an aesthetic appearance. Thanks to its powerful processor, commands are executed in a short time, and its large memory space allows users to store all the data they need.

The benefits of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra include ease of use thanks to its 6.8-inch wide screen equipped with AMOLED screen technology and increasing the elegance of the product with its full-screen design. Its all-day charging capacity does not let users down even in the busy business life. It is equipped with features such as water and dust resistance, fingerprint reader, dual speaker design and 1440 × 3088 (QHD +) pixel screen resolution. These features enable users to use their phones comfortably under all conditions.

In terms of technical features, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offers a smooth usage experience without lag or freezing with its 1x 3.36 GHz ARM Cortex-X3 main processor and 8-core structure. 8 GB RAM capacity and 256 GB internal storage space allow users to play games, edit photos and use powerful applications easily. It is ideal for all-day use with its 5000 mAh battery capacity, fast charging feature and wireless charging support.

Standing out with its camera features, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offers the opportunity to take professional photos with its 200 MP resolution camera. It is equipped with technologies such as optical image stabilizer, different mode options, HDR feature and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scene Detection feature. In addition, it meets all the needs of users with three rear cameras with 12 MP, 10 MP and 10 MP resolution and a front camera with 12 MP resolution.

As for the design details, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a thickness of 8.9 mm and a weight of 233 grams. It offers an aesthetic appearance with its different color options and rectangular design. While the 6.8 inch screen size increases ease of use, it provides great convenience in business life with S pen support.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can be described as a smartphone model that meets all the needs of users with its technical equipment, high-resolution camera, large storage space and stylish design.

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Danish Kapoor