Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

2024 TV Campaign from Samsung: Age of artificial intelligence and enthusiasm for Euro 2024

Samsung brings artificial intelligence technologies to the television experience with its 2024 model TV series. It also offers two different campaigns that will bring the excitement of Euro 2024 to life on giant screens. These campaigns combine technology and sports, promising a unique experience for their users.

Samsung specifically for the launch of its new 2024 TV series “A New Era with Samsung AI TV” campaign started it. This campaign is valid on Neo QLED 8K, OLED, Lifestyle TVs and selected audio system products. The campaign, which will be valid between May 29 and July 16, aims to offer the artificial intelligence-supported television experience to a wider audience.

Within the scope of the campaign, there are attractive discounts and gifts on Samsung's NEO QLED, NEO QLED 8K, OLED and Lifestyle TV models. Gift products or money-loaded card opportunities are offered for selected TV purchases. These gifts include products such as Soundbar and Music Frame, and card advantages worth up to 15,000 TL are provided.

Special Euro 2024 campaign from Samsung for football fans

Samsung's “Increase the Football Enthusiasm” campaignIt especially appeals to football fans who want to experience the excitement of Euro 2024 on giant screens. The campaign will be valid on NEO QLED 8K, QLED 4K, OLED 4K and UHD TV models. This campaign, valid between May 29 and July 16, offers the opportunity to watch football matches as if you were in the stadium.

Within the scope of this campaign, there is a chance to win a card loaded with 50% more valuable money when selected TV and soundbar products are purchased together. Depending on TV models, card opportunities worth up to 35,000 TL are offered. Thus, users can experience high-level image and sound while also gaining financial advantage.

Samsung's 2024 model AI TVs raise the bar in image clarity and sound quality. These artificial intelligence-supported televisions offer content recommendations based on users' viewing habits. It also personalizes the television experience with voice commands and other smart features.

2024 model TVs attract attention not only with artificial intelligence but also with advanced image and sound technologies. Neo QLED 8K technology offers clearer and more vibrant colors, while OLED models provide deep blacks and high contrast. In audio technology, it takes the viewing experience to the next level with its surround sound system and advanced soundbar products.

Samsung integrates innovative technologies into its televisions to increase user satisfaction. 2024 model TVs attract attention with their user-friendly interfaces and easy installation. It also supports sustainability with environmentally friendly production processes and energy efficiency.

These campaigns of Samsung appeal to a wide audience, especially technology enthusiasts and football fans. Aiming to bring artificial intelligence technologies and high-level viewing experiences to more users, Samsung plans to increase consumer satisfaction with these campaigns. At the same time, it offers a unique opportunity to football fans who want to experience the excitement of Euro 2024 on giant screens.

Samsung's 2024 TV campaigns offer unmissable opportunities for technology and sports enthusiasts. These campaigns attract great attention for those who want to experience the excitement of artificial intelligence-supported televisions and Euro 2024 on giant screens. The television experience is taken to a new dimension with Samsung's innovative products and attractive campaigns.

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Danish Kapoor