Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Free game from Epic Games Store on May 30, 2024: Chivalry 2

Epic Games Store Chivalry 2 continues to surprise the player community and offers its game free of charge for a short time starting from May 30, 2024. This unique offer takes war and action enthusiasts into a wave of excitement.

Chivalry 2is an online first-person slasher game inspired by medieval war movies. Players can take part in real-time action and experience the most crucial moments of historical battles. Whether clashing swords or destroying castles with catapult shots, this game gives you the opportunity to experience the adrenaline of a real warrior.

With large battlefields for 64 players, detailed horse combat system and realistic physics engine. Chivalry 2, allows you to equip your sword and participate in magnificent castle sieges. You can break through the enemy ranks using the spear or sword in your hand, and you can gain victory by crushing your enemies on the back of your horse. You will plunder villages with team-based objectives and take part in breathtaking battles facing your enemies.

Epic Games Store will continue to offer free games after Chivalry 2

Epic Games Store offers this game for free, giving players an unforgettable medieval war experience. This offer, which came after Farming Simulator 22, caused great joy among the players. Take this opportunity to take your place on the battlefields and embark on a unique adventure. Don't forget to follow our Epic Games Store news for the next gifts.

Danish Kapoor