Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Yandex introduced mapping solutions for Turkish businesses

Yandex introduced its mapping, geolocation and navigation solutions for businesses in Turkey under the Yandex Maps API brand. These services offered by Yandex help companies effectively address the challenges they face with address routing and navigation, benefiting e-commerce platforms, retail chains, logistics companies, fintech companies, manufacturing businesses and all organizations that use maps for route planning and freight transportation. provides.

Maps API, which has more than 20 years of experience in developing maps, geospatial technology and routing services, offers businesses three main solutions. API solutions offered for route planning and navigation, determining coordinates by address and searching for places, and integrating maps into websites and applications form the basis of Turkey's popular Yandex Navigator application, which has an average of 4 million monthly active users.

Products in the field of routes and navigation in the first category include solutions such as Distance Matrix and Transportation Route Details. These solutions are used to create optimal routes for all modes of transportation – car, truck, public transport or walking – and estimate travel times based on traffic forecasts, transfers, stairs and even weather forecasts. In addition, NaviKit SDK allows you to select filters such as free roads, speed limits or permanent travel time restrictions; enabling the development of custom navigation applications to meet specific business needs. Thus, the NaviKit SDK allows companies to save years of development time required to create a custom navigator from scratch.

Products in the second category, address entry and location search, include Geocoder, Search Tips and Institution Search solutions. In addition to making address-related tasks easier, these tools increase the accuracy of the order form and minimize errors when specifying cities, streets, and names. It also simplifies calculating delivery costs and facilitates quick searches by address, phone number and service type.

In the third category, interactive maps can be seamlessly integrated into websites and applications, as well as marking delivery zones for customers and employees or hiding competitors' locations; There is JS API and MapKit SDK that allow you to highlight offices, stores, and pickup points.

Yandex Maps API is used by more than 50 thousand companies

Yandex Maps API Turkey Country Manager Yasin Yılmaz made the following statements on the subject: “Turkey is rapidly progressing in the fields of technology, e-commerce, mobility and logistics. We are excited to support local businesses on this journey. Maps API solutions enable Turkish companies to optimize logistics and improve the quality of customer service by automating processes and reducing the workload on in-house staff and order processing specialists.

More than 50 thousand companies around the world use Yandex Maps API to plan more than 1.5 billion routes every year. Websites using Yandex Maps API attract more than 300 million unique visitors. In Turkey, Yandex Maps API licenses are offered annually. Pricing of the solutions is flexible and is determined based on daily demand volumes or monthly active users, and free usage is offered under certain conditions.

Danish Kapoor