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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Two new games will be available for free to players from Epic Games Store on April 18, 2024

Good news continues to come for game lovers. Epic Games Store continues its generosity and gifts players two more valuable games as of April 18, 2024. This time, the players The Big Con And Town of Salem 2 They get the opportunity to own their games for free.

Comprehensive game gift from Epic Games Store

First of all, it was previously sold with a price tag of 25 TL. The Big Con The game was offered to players with a generous gesture from Epic Games Store. The Big Contakes place in the colorful and crazy atmosphere of America's 90s. In the game, you control Ali, an adventurous and sharp-tongued high school student. Ali embarks on a challenging journey across his country to save his family's video store from the hands of shady financiers. The game gives players the chance to achieve their goal by using unethical methods such as fraud and theft. However, it is up to the player to understand that sometimes it is more valuable to show mercy or lend a helping hand.

Epic Games Store's other gift during this period: Town of Salem 2 It takes place in the quiet but dangerous town of Salem. This online multiplayer game contains elements of murder, deception and survival. Players' strategy, intelligence and ability to read people correctly will be their biggest helpers in this adventure. Whether the truth will be revealed in time or the deceptions will be overcome depends entirely on the skill of the player.

Previously, Epic Games Store offered players ghostrunner It presented a lightning-fast action game with a cyberpunk theme. Set in the massive Dharma Tower, the last refuge for humanity, players are on a desperate mission of revenge. The parkour movements and sharp sword fighting techniques expertly used in Ghostrunner promise an impressive combat experience.

These generous offers from Epic Games Store continue to create excitement in the gaming world. The Big Con And Town of Salem 2offers diversity for different types of players and takes its place in Epic Games' rich catalogue. By taking advantage of these opportunities, players can add two valuable works to their libraries. Epic Games Store continues to win the appreciation of gamers and contribute to the gaming world with campaigns like this.

Danish Kapoor