Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Windows Photos will clean up unwanted objects with the help of artificial intelligence

Google and Samsung are not the only ones adding artificial intelligence-supported “magic eraser” features to their devices. It will soon be possible to find these features on Windows PCs. Microsoft announced the artificial intelligence-supported deletion feature that makes it possible to delete certain objects in the Windows Photos application.

The images shared by Microsoft make it possible to see how this tool works. The images in question show how unwanted elements in photos can be removed with the power of generative artificial intelligence.

While this tool may not seem as cool as other AI capabilities, there will no longer be a need to buy a new Pixel or Galaxy to take advantage of this tool. Microsoft will not keep this feature limited to Windows 11 only. The company will also bring these features to Windows 10. Background removal feature is also among the artificial intelligence-supported capabilities offered by Microsoft.

New tools for Windows Photos are available to Insiders for now

For now, only members of the Windows Insiders program can use the new tools. The statement from Microsoft includes the following statements: “This update begins rolling out to Windows Insiders across all channels today (including Windows Insiders on Windows 10 in the Release Preview Channel). Make sure to update your app to version number 2024.11020.21001.0 or higher.”

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The company’s blog post does not provide any information about whether the photos edited by artificial intelligence will come with metadata or watermarks. Therefore, it is not known exactly how to distinguish the edited photos.

Danish Kapoor