Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

All graphics settings of the PC in one place with the new Nvidia application

Nvidia has made an important update to improve user experience by restructuring the desktop software ecosystem. Now Nvidia Control Panel and GeForce Experience have been combined into a new Nvidia app. This application offers a wide range of services, from basic display settings to game performance optimizations. This application, which stands out with its renewed user interface, offers access to driver updates without requiring an Nvidia account.

This new approach from Nvidia allows you to manage game and graphics settings from a single center. Users can now adjust Nvidia Control Panel’s individual controls from the same place with optimal gaming settings offered by GeForce Experience. This means managing both game settings and driver settings from a single point. Over time, Nvidia plans to integrate all the features from the Control Panel, as well as some features from the GeForce Experience, such as functions such as GPU overclocking and driver restoration, into this new application.

User-friendly updates to Nvidia app

Nvidia’s new app offers users the flexibility to download driver updates without having to create an account. This means that account login is now optional, meaning users will only create an account when they want to enjoy benefits such as bundles and rewards.

While Nvidia moved some features to the new application, it decided to remove some functions such as Broadcasting to Twitch and YouTube, Sharing Images and Videos to Facebook and YouTube, and 360 & Stereo Photo Mode captures.

The new Nvidia implementation has also changed the GeForce Experience performance overlay. It now has a fully customizable stats overlay that tracks various stats like the game’s render lag and overall PC lag. This means users can choose the specific statistics they want to see.

nvidia app

Nvidia’s renewed application also offers the opportunity to download other Nvidia applications such as Nvidia Broadcast, Nvidia Omniverse and GeForce Now. Users with an RTX graphics card can further personalize their experience with AI-powered Nvidia Freestyle game optimization filters, such as the RTX Dynamic Vibrance feature carried over from the old Nvidia Control Panel.

This innovative step by Nvidia allows users to manage graphics and game settings more efficiently, making the Nvidia ecosystem more accessible and user-friendly. PC users can download the application in beta version from here.

Danish Kapoor