Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Windows 11 offers artificial intelligence-powered Copy-Paste feature

Microsoft has released a new version of PowerToys for Windows 11. The “Advanced Paste” feature in this version allows users to transform the content on their clipboards with the power of artificial intelligence. This feature optimizes workflows by speeding up code copying and pasting.

The Advanced Paste feature was included in version 0.81 of PowerToys. After activating the feature, it can be used with the Windows Key + Shift + V key combination. This command opens the Advanced Paste window, which offers text conversion options.

Advanced pasting features and usage for Windows 11

Advanced Paste offers options to paste in a variety of formats, including plain text, markdown, and JSON. With artificial intelligence support, operations such as text summarization, translation, code generation and style transformations can be performed. Users can convert their text into the format they want by entering specific commands.

There are some requirements to use the feature. Users must add an OpenAI API key to PowerToys and purchase credits for an OpenAI account. These credits are different from a paid ChatGPT account and are used only for API access.

This innovative feature in Windows 11 is designed to speed up workflows. In particular, software developers and content producers can save time by copying and pasting code in different languages. This artificial intelligence-supported tool aims to increase efficiency.

The Advanced Paste feature provides users with a wide range of options. Various operations can be performed, such as converting the texts to a professional style, creating a Yoda-style sentence, or simply pasting them as plain text. This flexibility provides solutions tailored to users' needs.

Obtaining and using the OpenAI API key is quite simple. Users can generate API keys by going to the OpenAI website. This key is added to PowerToys' Advanced Paste settings and various conversion operations can then be performed.

API credits can be purchased from OpenAI accounts. These credits can be purchased in certain amounts and used according to needs. When the credits run out, users can continue using the service by purchasing additional credits.

Windows 11's Advanced Paste feature in PowerToys optimizes workflows with the power of AI. The ability to transform content on users' clipboards increases efficiency and saves time. This innovative tool offers great convenience for both professionals and daily users.

The Advanced Paste feature helps Windows 11 users get their work done faster and more efficiently. This AI-powered innovation provides a great advantage in the modern business world. Windows 11 continues to offer more flexibility and efficiency to its users with this feature.

Danish Kapoor