Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple objected to the fine imposed by the European Union due to Spotify's complaint

Apple faced a fine of 1.84 billion euros from the European Commission last March as a result of the investigation launched after the complaint made by Spotify. The Cupertino-based company had previously signaled that it would not pay this money immediately. According to Bloomberg, Apple submitted its objection to the General Court of the European Union, headquartered in Luxembourg.

The basis for Spotify's complaint was pretty simple. Apple charges app makers a 30 percent commission for the first year users subscribe to the service, and a 15 percent commission for subsequent years. According to Spotify, these rates give Apple Music an unfair advantage. Because of these rates, Spotify had to increase its prices to cover the costs.

Apple argues that the European Commission did not provide credible evidence that consumers were harmed by App Store policies. However, it is worth noting that competition law does not operate on the basis of such arguments.

Previously, apps were not even allowed to advertise that users could subscribe for less money if they visited the website. The European Commission has since introduced rules forcing Apple to allow app makers to advertise alternative payment methods.

Tension continues between Apple and Spotify

It should be noted that despite the European Union's decision, things have not calmed down between Apple and Spotify yet. While the fight between the two companies has been going on for 8 years, Spotify recently claimed that Apple was blocking the application update within the borders of the European Union.


Danish Kapoor