Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Statement from Apple about the error caused by iOS 17.5 that brings back old photos

Apple recently made a statement about the error that appeared with the iOS 17.5 update and caused old photos to return. The company stated that iCloud was not behind this error.

Apple, which recently fixed this error with the iOS 17.5.1 update, gave important information to users. It was stated that the update fixed a rare issue that caused deleted photos to reappear in the archive due to database corruption.

After the iOS 17.5 update, it was seen that some photos deleted years ago started to come back to the devices. Some users noticed that deleted photos even from 2021 were reappearing in their galleries. This caused great confusion and anxiety among users.

Some users stated that old photos came back on the iPads they reset and sold after the iOS 17.5 update. Apple stated that this incident was not entirely true and that the devices were probably sold without being fully reset.

The company clarified that the problem is not related to iCloud Photos and is caused by built-in devices. The company stated that this situation affected a very small number of users and was due to database corruption.

On the other hand, Apple emphasized that they do not have access to deleted photos and that the photos come back from the device's own memory. He stated that the reason why the returned photos were so old was that corrupted data might have been passed along while restoring a local backup or during device-to-device transfer.

Danish Kapoor