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Danish Kapoor

WhatsApp brings in-app calling feature to smartphones

WhatsApp, which has made major design changes in the last few years, attracts attention with small but important improvements aimed at making the lives of its users easier. As the newest of these developments, it is stated that an in-app calling feature will soon be available on smartphones via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will offer in-app calling feature

This new feature that WhatsApp is working on will make calling unregistered numbers easier. This innovation, noticed by WABetaInfo, appeared in the latest beta version of the application (v2.24.9.28). As seen in the images, it comes with a simple interface with a T9 keypad in the lower half of the screen and a green call button right below it. Currently, when you want to make a voice or video call to someone via WhatsApp, you must first save the number of the relevant person in your contact list. However, thanks to this new feature, you will be able to make calls directly, bypassing this process.

WhatsApp had previously made a similar change in messaging. Users can already send messages to numbers not registered in their contacts. This change may have made life a little easier for many users and the company has received positive feedback for this feature. This positive feedback likely encouraged the company to make a similar change to its search feature.

This latest innovation of WhatsApp is seen as a small step but one that can significantly improve the user experience. The in-app calling feature will provide great convenience, especially for users who frequently contact new people or call various numbers for their work. With this feature, WhatsApp once again demonstrates its commitment to responding to user needs and constantly improving the application experience.

Meeting the expectations of its users and aiming to offer them a better experience with every new update, WhatsApp takes the way we communicate one step further with its in-app calling feature. This innovation can be seen as proof that WhatsApp is moving beyond being just a messaging application and is on its way to becoming a more comprehensive communication platform.

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Danish Kapoor