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Danish Kapoor

The launch date of MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ has been announced

It looks like May 7 will be a very active day for the technology world. On this date, when Apple and Huawei will unveil their new products, MediaTek will announce its new processor called Dimensity 9300+.

Although MediaTek's new processor is expected to be used first in Vivo's X100s model, there is no clear sign on this matter yet. While it is stated in the post from MediaTek that artificial intelligence will be the highlight of the new processor, the theme “Artificial intelligence for everything” chosen for the promotional event explains many things.

The points where Dimensity 9300+ differs from Dimensity 9300 were previously seen thanks to a leak. This processor is expected to show higher performance with the Cortex-X4 main core running at 3.4 GHz frequency. The other three X4 cores also have a frequency of 2.85 GHz. Four 2.0 GHz A720 cores complete the system.

The Dimensity 9300 already had an artificial intelligence processor unit. It will not be surprising if this component is also improved in the Dimensity 9300+. However, there are no clear details on this issue yet.

Dimensity 9200+ was introduced at MediaTek's Dimensity Developer Conference on May 10 last year. It seems that the star of the event this year will be Dimensity 9300+. Dimensity 9200+ was available to users on phones from manufacturers such as Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi.

MediaTek will accelerate its work on Dimensity 9400 after Dimensity 9300+


MediaTek, which is preparing to announce the Dimensity 9300+ processor, also continues its preparations for its next flagship processor, Dimensity 9400. Dimensity 9400, which is expected to be announced in the last quarter of the year, is expected to be produced with TSMC's 3 nm design and Cortex-X5 will serve as the main core.

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