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Danish Kapoor

Apple will open the doors to the iPad ecosystem due to the European Union decision

Apple had to follow the European Union's painful prescription for the iPad. According to Bloomberg, iPad has also been added to the list of devices that must comply with the European Union's Digital Markets Act. Previously, Apple's Safari internet browser, App Store and iPhone were included in this list.

The EU notes that users are essentially “locked in” to Apple’s iPadOS ecosystem, and that this is deterring people from switching to competitors. The company has a period of six months to comply with various preventive measures.

This decision came after months of research to decide whether iPadOS qualifies as gateway controller software. EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager said: “iPadOS creates an important gateway that many companies rely on to reach their customers. Today's decision will ensure the protection of justice and competitiveness on this platform as well.”

What does Apple need to do to ensure iPadOS compatibility? According to the DMA, gate controllers are prohibited from favoring their own services over competitors and locking users into the ecosystem. The software also needs to be allowed to interoperate with third-party internal services. Thus, the way was opened for third-party application stores on iPhones in Europe. The iPad will probably follow suit soon. In other words, the DMA has seriously torn down the walls of Apple's walled garden.

In the statement sent by Apple to Forbes, it was stated that “we will continue to work constructively with the European Commission” to ensure that the specified services, including iPadOS, comply with the DMA. However, the company was unhappy with the decision and accused the new legislation of causing “new privacy and data security risks”. Apple has filed a legal challenge with the EU General Court in Luxembourg, and hearings have been announced to take place later in the year.

Apple will introduce new iPad models on May 7

Apple will hold an event to introduce new iPad models on May 7. At this event, new accessories are expected to be unveiled along with the OLED screen iPad Pro and the new iPad Air.

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Danish Kapoor