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Danish Kapoor

Microsoft strengthens OneDrive web app with offline mode

Microsoft is bringing the offline mode it developed for OneDrive to its web application for both business and education users. The company, which has been continuing its renovation efforts on OneDrive for a while, also overhauled the interface of the cloud storage service.

The new OneDrive offline mode will allow users in the service's web app to open files marked as offline and navigate to favorite files and the main section of OneDrive without an internet connection. Users will be able to rename, sort, move and copy files. When the internet connection is restored, the synchronization of all these will be completed.

Performance improvements are offered even when there is an internet connection in offline mode. Microsoft claims up to 3x faster loading when viewing or interacting with files in OneDrive on the web or in the OneDrive app in Teams or Outlook.

Microsoft's chief product manager, Andrey Esipov, evaluated the new OneDrive mode with the following words: “Offline mode allows you to access files such as file name, size, author, last access date, etc. It uses your device's local storage to store certain file information such as This is made possible through the OneDrive Sync app, which intelligently stores a cache of your files' metadata locally.”

Microsoft OneDrive offline mode will not be available to all users initially

OneDrive's offline mode on the web will not be available to consumers yet, but those using a Microsoft 365 business or school account will be able to install the new feature right now. For this, the latest Windows or macOS version of the OneDrive synchronization application is required. “When you enter OneDrive's web application via Chrome or Edge, one-time automatic offline mode installation will be activated.”

The new offline mode for Microsoft OneDrive also complements the existing Files On-Demand feature in OneDrive, available through File Explorer or the Finder on Mac. You can now control the Files On-Demand feature from your browser so you can select files to always be available on your computer.

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Danish Kapoor