Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Songs of famous names such as Taylor Swift and Drake will no longer be heard on TikTok

Negotiations to renew licensing agreements between Universal Music Group and TikTok ended in failure. Following the expiration of the current agreement as of January 31, the catalogs of many artists, including names such as Taylor Swift, Drake and Olivia Rodrigo, were removed from the platform.

In the statement made by Universal Music Group during the week, it was claimed that the video platform bullied the company into “accepting a bad deal”. In addition, it was stated that the video platform was insufficient to address concerns about artificial intelligence-generated music and online security.

In the statement made by the popular social network, it was stated that Universal Music’s departure from the table was “disappointing” and pointed out that the company turned its back on a platform with more than 1 billion users. In addition, Universal Music has also been accused of putting its own greed ahead of the interests of artists and songwriters.

Universal Music Group songs in TikTok videosThe voice of will be silenced

Universal Music Group’s music in videos will now be muted, and users who want to replace the removed tracks will have to choose alternative options from other music companies.

Danish Kapoor