Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

New claim for the launch date of Huawei Pocket S2

The first news about the foldable Huawei Pocket S2 came to the fore in November last year, and it was stated that the phone could become official in December. However, another report in December claimed that the launch of the phone was postponed to early 2024. A new post originating from China sheds light on both the launch date of Pocket S2 and a laptop carrying the company’s own processor.

According to this post, Pocket S2 will be officially revealed on February 27. Choosing February 27 means that the official announcement could be made during Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC 2024). It is also stated in the leak that there may be a slowed down version of the Kirin 9000S processor at the heart of the phone.

The Mate 60 series, introduced last year, also features Huawei’s Kirin 9000S processor. Other features of Pocket S2 remain unclear at the moment.

Huawei may also introduce a laptop along with Pocket S2

The introduction of a new laptop with Kirin PC processor along with Pocket S2 is also among the rumors. Huawei’s Kirin PC processor features 4 x TSV large cores, 4 x TSV mid cores, Maleoon 910 8-10cu for graphics, dual large-core NPU (Ascend Lite), dual micro-core NPU (Ascend Tiny), up to 32GB LPDDR5 will be found. Its performance is said to be comparable to Apple A12Z. It is worth remembering that Maleoon 910 is Huawei’s in-house developed GPU. It also seems likely that the computer with Kirin processor will run on Harmony OS.

Danish Kapoor