Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung is again at the top of the global smartphone market

Samsung lost the top spot in the smartphone market to Apple for a period in 2023. The South Korean company seems to have managed to regain its first place with the first quarter of 2024. IDC's preliminary data for the first quarter of 2024 shows that Samsung has regained the leadership it has had since 2010.

The company achieved a market share of 20.8 percent by shipping 60.1 million smartphones in the first three months of 2024. During the same period, Apple had a market share of 17.3 percent with 50.1 million shipments. While there is a decrease in both companies compared to the first quarter of 2023, it is noteworthy that the loss in Apple (9.6 percent) is greater than in Samsung (0.7 percent).

The companies at the top of the global smartphone market did not change during this period. Samsung and Apple are followed by Xiaomi, Transsion and Oppo. Xiaomi follows in third place with 40.8 million shipments. Transsion follows in fourth place with 28.5 million. At this point, it is worth noting that the fourth and fifth places have changed places compared to last year. Oppo also ranks fifth with 25.2 million shipments.

IDC states that these numbers indicate a strengthening in the smartphone market. The statement, signed by Research Director Nabila Popal, includes the following statements: “First, we continue to see growth in value and average selling prices (ASPs) as consumers choose more expensive devices, knowing they will keep their devices longer. Secondly, there is a shift in power among the top 5 companies, and this will continue as market players adjust their strategies in the post-recovery world.”

Samsung is in a stronger position in the smartphone market

The statement continues: “Xiaomi is bouncing back strongly from the major declines of the last two years, and Transsion is becoming a stable presence in the Top 5 with aggressive growth in international markets. In contrast, while the top 2 players both recorded negative growth in the first quarter, Samsung appears to be in a stronger position overall compared to recent quarters.”

Danish Kapoor