Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Joint 5G technology campus from ITU, Turkcell and Ericsson

Located in the heart of Istanbul, ITU Ayazağa Campus has become the focus of an important development in the field of telecommunication and mobile technology. Istanbul Technical University officially opened the 5G Technology Campus by joining forces with Turkcell and Ericsson. This campus aims to develop 5G technologies and train qualified human resources to specialize in this field.

The established partnership demonstrates close cooperation with the private sector as well as the education and academia world. The autonomous bus, which took part in the first tests following the protocol, offers a pioneering example of the future of smart transportation systems. The activities of the campus and the effects of this collaboration will also play a role in shaping the telecommunications trends of the near future.

R&D breakthrough in the field of telecommunications with 5G Technology Campus

ITU Rector Prof. Dr. While talking about the cooperation, İsmail Koyuncu emphasized that ITU also plays a leading role in innovation and technology transfer. He underlined that the combination of the university's academic experience and the technological expertise of Turkcell and Ericsson offers valuable opportunities to students and researchers. He stated that the 5G Technology Campus allows research to be put into practice and that it is an important breakthrough in the field of science and technology.

Turkcell General Manager Dr. Ali Taha Koç said that they support innovative approaches to move Turkey to a more competitive position in the global technology scene. He underlined that 5G technology will have a transformative effect on many industries and stated that thanks to the cooperation between ITU and Ericsson, studies on this technology will be further advanced by academics and young minds.

Ericsson Turkey General Manager Işıl Yalçın emphasized the importance of cooperation with local academic institutions and communication infrastructure providers for the development of the R&D ecosystem in Turkey. He stated that he supports the activities of the 5G Technology Campus as part of efforts to build a more connected digital future through local collaborations.

With the signed protocol, the campus will use Ericsson's core network provider and Turkcell's fiber infrastructure through the 5G test network. The scientific studies to be carried out here aim to contribute to a strong technology ecosystem in the field of 5G and real-world applications of this technology. In addition, the innovative studies to be carried out on campus are expected to strengthen the guidance role in Turkey's transition to 5G technology.

Danish Kapoor