Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung Galaxy S24 launches with Baidu AI capabilities instead of Google in China

Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 series in China. In this country, it announced that it is collaborating with China’s technology giant Baidu to strengthen Galaxy’s artificial intelligence (AI) features. According to CNBC’s report, Google was not mentioned in this launch. While Google’s Gemini base models support Samsung’s Galaxy AI features in Western markets, the China launch is focused on Baidu’s Ernie chatbot, which launched last August.

The AI ​​translation, summarization, and text formatting features included in the China version of the Galaxy S24 will look familiar to anyone who followed its US launch. The phones also include real-time call translation and a version of Google’s Circle to Search feature, as we saw earlier this month.

Samsung Note assistant renewed with Ernie

“Now further enhanced by Ernie’s understanding and production capabilities, Samsung Note Assistant can translate content and summarize long content into clear, brilliantly organized formats with a single click,” Samsung Electronics China and Baidu said in a statement to CNBC. He commented:

This change is likely due to Google’s limited presence in China. Although Android devices are widely sold in the country, they are launched without the Google apps and services that are an integral part of the operating system in other countries. Reuters notes that Baidu had to get approval from the Chinese government before launching Ernie.

Samsung’s influence in China has declined significantly over the past decade. It didn’t even rank among the top five brands for mobile shipments in 2023, in a report from IDC this week. While the company’s market share, which was the country’s largest smartphone maker in 2013, was around 20 percent, it fell to just 1 percent in 2018 and has remained at that level since then. Reuters adds that the partnerships with local content firms are part of the company’s attempt to rebuild its China business.

Danish Kapoor