Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Strategic partnership move in Turkey from Oppo and AGM

Oppo closed its production facility in Turkey a while ago. However, the company is preparing to produce and operate its products in Turkey again through another business partner. Mıstaçoğlu Holding, which undertakes the production and sales of the Omix brand in Turkey, is affiliated with AGM A.Ş. announced that a comprehensive strategic business partnership agreement was signed between Oppo and Oppo. This agreement transfers Oppo’s production, sales and service operations in Turkey to AGM A.Ş. It envisages that it will be carried out through .

Mıstaçoğlu Holding, which operates in areas such as technology, mobile communications, mining and real estate development, aims to give a new impetus to the Turkish economy with this agreement. AGM Inc. As OPPO’s strategic business partner in Turkey, it will manage the brand’s local production, sales and service.

Oppo’s new “domestic production” move in Turkey

According to the details of the agreement, AGM A.Ş. will carry out local production of Oppo products in its factory in Tuzla, Istanbul. This move is of great importance in terms of increasing employment in the GSM sector, transfer of information from abroad and accelerating technology development. With local production, it is aimed to increase Turkey’s international competitiveness in the field of technology and increase economic added value.

At the signing ceremony, which took place with the participation of Oppo MEA President Chico Zhou and Mıstaçoğlu Holding Chairman Aydın Mıstaçoğlu, managers of both parties emphasized the importance of cooperation. Zhou stated that this partnership reflects the vision of mutual growth, innovation and providing exceptional products and services to Turkish customers.

Aydın Mıstaçoğlu stated that this partnership is a source of pride for Mıstaçoğlu Holding and that it is an investment that will strengthen Turkey’s national commercial power. He also expressed the contributions of high-technology-based production to the country’s employment and the development of technology.

While this collaboration will re-strengthen Oppo’s presence in the Turkish market, it may also enable Turkey to become one of Oppo’s most important and powerful markets abroad. The agreement covers various aspects of cooperation, such as local production initiatives, joint sales and marketing efforts and service operations.

This strategic partnership, which will allow Turkey to make a breakthrough in the field of technology and innovation, is a partnership between both Oppo and AGM A.Ş. It offers new opportunities and growth potential for

Danish Kapoor