Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

OpenAI improves GPT-4 Turbo’s performance, reduces laziness

OpenAI, which works on artificial intelligence technologies, announced that GPT-4 Turbo has been updated in its latest blog post. GPT-4 Turbo was specifically designed to achieve more comprehensive results in tasks such as code generation and reduce the model’s “laziness” problems in completing tasks. Although the company refrained from providing detailed information about this update, it stated that it took important steps to meet users’ expectations.

Recently, some ChatGPT users have claimed that the chatbot frequently refuses to complete requested tasks and that updates for GPT-4 are insufficient. However, this update from OpenAI applies to GPT-4 Turbo, which is a version of GPT-4 that is more widely available and is only available as a preview. GPT-4 users learning based on data prior to September 2021 may continue to experience the same “laziness” issues.

According to OpenAI’s post, more than seventy percent of users receiving services through the GPT-4 API have switched to GPT-4 Turbo due to its more up-to-date knowledge base. The company stated that more updates to GPT-4 Turbo will be made in the coming months and GPT-4 Turbo will be available for general use. With these updates, users will be able to perform multimodal commands such as text-to-image conversion more effectively.

On the other hand, OpenAI has also introduced smaller artificial intelligence models called “embeddings” that help applications understand the relationship between contents using retrieval-augmented generation, a type of artificial intelligence that helps applications produce their own answers instead of getting information from the database. The company defines “embeddings” as sequences of numbers that represent concepts in content such as natural language or codes.

Of these new models, text-embedding-3-small and a more powerful version, text-embedding-3-large, are currently available. These innovations by OpenAI are considered an important milestone in the development of artificial intelligence technologies and allow users to have more efficient and interactive experiences. The advanced features of GPT-4 Turbo are an indicator of how artificial intelligence can play a more effective role in daily life and professional applications.

Danish Kapoor