Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung Galaxy AI will reach 100 million devices before the end of the year

Samsung Galaxy AI came to light with the recently introduced Galaxy S24 series. Working with Google Cloud infrastructure, Galaxy AI will be available to users on older models before the end of the first half of 2024. The company aims to deliver Galaxy AI to 100 million devices before the end of the year.

The statement on the subject was made by TM Roh, head of Samsung’s mobile experiences unit. Roh stated that he aims to introduce Galaxy AI to users on 100 million devices before the end of this year.

Referring to the costs of developing Galaxy AI in his statement, Roh reminded that the service will continue to be free until 2025. The decision on the fee schedule will be made later.

Samsung hasn’t made a final decision on pricing planning for Galaxy AI

Roh’s statement includes the following statements: “According to our analysis, there are various needs for mobile artificial intelligence. So there will be consumers who will be happy to use AI capabilities for free. Then there may be customers who want more powerful AI capabilities and even pay for them. “So we will take all these factors into account in our future decisions.”

Roh revealed that Samsung plans to produce laptops in India.

Danish Kapoor