Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

A new step from TikTok towards becoming YouTube

TikTok encourages content creators to offer a YouTube-like experience. The company asks its users to hold their phones horizontally and shoot long videos this way.

According to the message seen by creators @candicedchap and @kenlyealtumbiz; TikTok encourages creators to post horizontal videos longer than one minute. The platform says it will “support” these videos within 72 hours of their publication. Creators who have been on TikTok for more than three months will be able to benefit from viewing support as long as the videos do not belong to advertising or political parties.

It is worth noting that there is no official statement from TikTok regarding the issue yet.

Many people watch TikTok videos on their phones. This fits perfectly into the vertical video format. TikTok’s promotion of horizontal videos means viewers will be encouraged to turn their phones too.

The “YouTubeization of TikTok” has been going on for a while. 30-minute videos have been tested on the platform for a while. This testing started a few months after the video length increased to 15 minutes. Most YouTube videos are at least 10 minutes or longer in order to monetize the content. The basis of TikTok is short videos.

TikTok has been supporting YouTube-like content for a while now

TikTok has previously encouraged content producers to produce YouTube-like content. The company offers users the opportunity to create collections of 20-minute videos with its program called Series. Content producers can price their videos between $1 and $190.

Preferring horizontal videos and longer content may lead content producers to transfer their YouTube content to TikTok. Even though YouTube or YouTube Shorts pay more money to content creators, it is natural for the same content to be shared on more than one platform. On the other hand, YouTube also offers more content, which brings it closer to TikTok.

Danish Kapoor