Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Productive AI doping into Google Maps

Google’s productive artificial intelligence move continues, this time with Google Maps. Although it is now possible to find artificial intelligence features in practice, it is necessary to draw attention to one point. These features will initially only be available to “select Local Guides” in the USA.

Lucky users in this group will now be able to use generative AI in Maps to discover new places, whatever their needs. For this, it will be enough to say what you are looking for in everyday language. Google’s large language models will analyze Maps’ vast database to respond to users.

In the statement made by Google, it was stated that this feature will be shaped before meeting wider audiences, thanks to the “opinions and valuable feedback” provided by Local Guides. Therefore, it can be said that the company conducted a kind of closed beta test in the first place.

The internet giant’s post also explains how to use the new feature. For example, when the command “Places with nostalgic atmosphere in Istanbul” is given, users will be able to get rich information about the businesses and places nearby. It is worth noting that this rich information is compiled with photos, ratings and comments submitted by other users.

Google Maps users will be able to save and share artificial intelligence suggestions

The results are organized by categories, and photos and evaluation summaries are presented upon user request, highlighting why a place might be of interest. After the first question, users can ask a follow-up question without saying anything else. In this way, the search can be expanded a little more.

Google Maps users will also have the opportunity to save places suggested to them by generative artificial intelligence and share them with their friends. It can be easily said that the artificial intelligence experience in Maps will make a name for itself after it is developed and made available for general use.

Danish Kapoor