Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple is preparing productive artificial intelligence features for iPhone

It can easily be said that artificial intelligence is the “next big thing” for the technology world. Google showed that they would benefit from artificial intelligence in practical ways with the Pixel 8 and Samsung with the Galaxy S24 series. Apple, another giant of the smartphone market, has not entered this race so far. However, this situation looks set to change soon. Apple continues its preparations to provide its users with a productive artificial intelligence experience with the iPhone.

The statement on the subject was made by CEO Tim Cook at the meeting where the company’s most current financial report was evaluated. Stating that productive artificial intelligence features are being worked on, Apple CEO stated that the company has more to say on this subject in the coming period and implicitly pointed to iOS 18.

Cook used the following statements: “I think in terms of generative AI, which is your focus, as I mentioned before, we have a lot of work going on within the company. Our ethos has always been to do business and then talk about business and not get in the way. We continue the same approach in this regard. “But we have some things that we’re incredibly excited about and that we’ll be talking about later this year.”

Cook did not say further about Apple’s AI plans. He did not provide information on which devices and platforms this experience would be offered on. However, leaks and rumors circulating in the last few weeks show that the iPhone will be at the center of Apple’s artificial intelligence move.

Codes in iOS 17.4; It shows that Siri can use AI for summarization and smart reply suggestions in Messages. It seems likely that artificial intelligence will be used in applications such as Apple Music, Pages and Keynote. The company is also testing different AI models, some running on the device and some connected to the internet.

Apple may give more information about artificial intelligence when introducing iPhone 16

It is certain that the Cupertino-based company will announce iOS 18 at WWDC 2024, which is expected to be held in early June. Here, basic information about embedding artificial intelligence on iOS and other Apple platforms can be shared. Apple iPhone 16 series will most likely be introduced in September. In this promotion, it is expected to share more information for the end user.

Danish Kapoor