Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

OnePlus promises four years of battery health for its new phones

OnePlus had previously confirmed that it was working on a new battery technology called Glacier Battery. The company has now provided some more information about this project through Weibo posts.

The battery solution will be more efficient, durable and highly energy intensive compared to other existing solutions. The new cell will retain at least 80 percent of its original capacity after four years of regular use. This is much higher than the industry average of 800 charging cycles.

The company also confirmed the 6100 mAh battery capacity, which was previously rumored, and stated that it will be used in the Ace 3 Pro model to be introduced within the week. The new battery will have an energy density of 763Wh/L and will weigh just 14 grams on the scale.

OnePlus developed its new battery together with CATL

This new battery will also retain 100W fast charging support. Thus, it will be possible to charge the battery to 100 percent in just 36 minutes.

The battery was developed in partnership with CATL, the largest battery manufacturer in the EV space. The Ningde-based company provided the technical know-how and physical facilities required to manufacture the batteries.

Danish Kapoor