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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Casper VIA X30 will be in BİM stores on Friday, June 28, at an advantageous price

The electronic products that go on sale in BİM stores on Friday are sometimes quite eye-catching. One of such opportunities is the Casper VIA X30, which will be on sale in BİM stores on Friday, June 28. You will be able to buy the phone, which is sold for 8,999 TL in Casper’s own online store, for 7,499 TL at BİM.

Casper VIA X30 features

Casper VIA X30 offers its users the opportunity to save time and make their lives easier with features such as NFC and fast charging. Casper VIA X30 promises long usage time with its 4600 mAh capacity battery. Thanks to its 30W fast charging feature, the device reaches 60 percent in just 30 minutes, allowing users to take action quickly.

With its 2.2GHz MediaTek G99 processor and 6nm chipset structure, Casper VIA X30 aims for the highest possible performance for its price. This hardware provides a smooth usage experience and optimum efficiency in heat management, while allowing users to easily perform even intensive operations. NFC technology meets the requirements of modern life by performing fast and secure authentication and payment transactions from a short distance of 10cm.

The improved 50 MP resolution rear camera allows users to record professional quality photos and videos, thanks to Arcsoft software support. Casper VIA X30’s triple rear camera system makes it easy to capture wide views and panoramic images with its 8MP wide-angle camera. Additionally, the 2MP Bokeh camera enriches the visual expression by providing a blurred background effect with prominent objects.

While the multiple camera modes on the front camera enable you to take remarkable selfies in all kinds of light and environments, the 128 GB large memory space and the RAM capacity that can be expanded from 8GB to 16GB more than meet the needs of the users. From an aesthetic point of view, Casper VIA X30 is the choice of stylish users with its platinum silver and platinum anthracite color options and special effect design.

In addition, the 20:9 screen-to-body ratio and high-resolution IPS panel display offer users a cinematic viewing experience. While the USB Type-C port supports fast data transfer and charging, the Android 12 operating system keeps the device up to date with an innovative and useful interface. Casper VIA X30 also has high-level security features with face recognition and fingerprint sensor. In addition to the headset, the multi-sensor structure of the smartphone promises a unique usage experience. Full of these features, Casper VIA X30 offers everything technology enthusiasts need.

Danish Kapoor