Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Microsoft brings Copilot add-ons to Windows 11

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Microsoft launched Copilot Pro in January. The software giant is now implementing a series of improvements to make its artificial intelligence assistant more functional for Windows 11 users. The biggest innovation is the plug-in support, which was previously only available in the web version of Copilot.

For example, it will be possible to connect Copilot to OpenTable and make reservations through the chat window. Users in the US will also be able to order groceries through the Instacart add-on.

According to the information provided by Microsoft; Kayak, Klarna and Shopify plugins will also be available in March. With these add-ons, the software giant aims to keep its users in the Copilot window for as long as possible.

Microsoft doesn’t want users to leave Copilot, even to access system settings. With the new update, it will be possible to turn on or off battery saving mode and view the hardware profile of the system via the AI ​​chat view.

Copilot can also be asked to turn on Windows 11’s Live Caption, Narrator and Screen Magnifier features. The list of available Wi-Fi networks to connect to can also be displayed by Copilot. Mainstream users might like the ability to take advantage of Windows 11’s features without navigating the Settings app, so Copilot’s improved integration could be a usability win for Microsoft.

There are also some improvements for Windows 11 applications that use artificial intelligence-supported features such as Photos and Clipchamp. Photos now has a Productive Erase feature that can help you remove unwanted objects and elements from a picture, while Clipchamp is starting to preview a Silence Removal AI tool to remove awkward video moments.

Microsoft brings its new features to Windows 11 users

Microsoft is rolling out those Copilot and AI upgrades for Windows 11 users with the 22H2 (2022) and 23H2 (2023) year-end updates. Those who want to try new features need to make sure they enable the “Get the latest updates as soon as they become available” option. The company expects most features to be available when it launches the optional March 2024 non-security preview update.

Danish Kapoor