Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Meta will shut down its Workplace platform in 2025

Meta has decided to shut down its Workplace platform, which offers a Facebook-based alternative to office communication platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. In a statement sent to The Verge by company spokesperson Ashley Zandy, he stated that Workplace will continue to operate until August 31, 2025. The platform, called Facebook @ Work, was used internally for two years before opening to the public in 2016. Zandy stated that there was no change in the operation of Workplace until the closing date.

Meta will offer a 50 percent discount on the service starting in September and will be offered to work with customers on switching to Workvivo, which is owned by Zoom. After September 1, 2025, Workplace will be read-only and exportable until June 1, 2026, when access will end and data will be deleted.

Development work has slowed down significantly after people returned to empty offices due to the coronavirus outbreak and some key employees left, TechCrunch reported.

Meta Workplace has fallen victim to increasing competition and powerful rivals

The change has burst the bubble of an increasingly crowded field for remote work tools. Stronger competition from new entrants like Microsoft Teams, Google Workplace, and even Zoom Workplace has caused Meta to slow down after a decade of development.

Danish Kapoor