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Danish Kapoor

Google’s Phone app offers support for WhatsApp calls

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Google Phone application, Google’s popular communication tool, has started testing new features that will make users’ lives easier. The first of these new features is to support showing calls from WhatsApp calls. It also introduces an innovation that makes starting a video call to someone through the app even simpler.

Two new features are being added to the Google Phone app, which some users use to make calls on Pixel and some other devices. Firstly, Feature spotted by @Kishore9196 on Twitter/X, WhatsApp call support. This feature allows the Google Phone app to show previous calls from WhatsApp next to regular phone calls. Although this functionality has technically been supported for several years, this is the first time WhatsApp has shown signs of taking advantage of it.

Making calls easier with WhatsApp integration

However, distribution of this addition appears to be limited. Beyond that, some users (via Mishaal Rahman) now notices that the Google Phone app shows a “Video Call” shortcut during an active voice call. This shortcut brings the call to Google Meet.

It’s already pretty easy to start a video call from Meet using the Google Phone app, but this change makes it much easier to instantly switch between an audio and video call. Like the WhatsApp integration, this feature appears to have limited distribution.

These innovations added to the Google Phone application aim to significantly improve users’ communication experiences. By supporting WhatsApp calls, users will now be able to see and manage both regular and WhatsApp calls from the same interface. This integration will provide great convenience, especially for those who use WhatsApp frequently.

The video call shortcut offers a practical solution to meet the increasing need for remote working and online meetings, especially during and after the pandemic period. The ability to easily switch to Google Meet offers a wide range of uses, from business meetings to family meetings.

As a result, these new features of the Google Phone app further enrich our communication habits and reshape the way we connect in the digital world. WhatsApp call support and video call shortcut stand out as important steps taken to improve user experience.

Danish Kapoor