Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple patented a new technology that could be important for foldable iPhone and iPad

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Apple is considering the idea of ​​releasing an iPhone or iPad with a foldable screen in the coming period. The fact that the company patented a technology that prevents creasing in foldable screens strengthens this expectation. According to the Patently Apple site, the screen is thinned in the folding area by chemical processing, and in addition, different materials are used to keep the folded area flat.

According to South Korean sources, it seems likely that Apple will launch its first device with a foldable screen in 2026. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple’s first product with a foldable screen will be released in 2027 and that it will be a MacBook with a 20.3 screen.

Apple’s patent states that the cutouts on the screen can be covered with a transparent cover layer placed on top of the panel. It is stated that a long cavity or other recess can be created in the glass layer that extends parallel to the bending axis and extends above the bending axis.

It is stated that the locally thinned area will be strengthened with a polymer created from the thinned part and then cured by applying UV light, heat, catalyst and other curing techniques, deposited as a liquid in the groove.

The patent also indicates that the entire composition of the glass may need to be changed. For example, potassium can replace sodium on the surface of the glass. This creates compressive stress in the treated surface layers, allowing the glass to resist scratching and other wear damage.

Apple has not given a clear signal about foldable iPhone or iPad

It is currently unknown whether Apple will release a foldable iPhone or iPad. However, this patent file reveals that the company is evaluating many ideas and application options.

Danish Kapoor