Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google Cast and new apps coming to Android Auto

As part of the Google I/O 2024 event, Google Cast support for Android Auto, new applications and more were introduced. These innovations will first be available in Rivian vehicles. Although it has not been officially confirmed whether Rivian vehicles use the Android operating system, it has been confirmed that Google Cast will come to Android Auto.

Thanks to Google Cast support, users will be able to transfer content from their Android and iOS devices to the vehicle screen by connecting to their vehicle's WiFi network. This feature will make it possible to easily transfer video content from your phone or tablet to the vehicle, especially when parked. For app developers, this will also be a simple way to deliver their content to in-car displays.

A native YouTube app is also coming to Rivian vehicles, and both features will be available via an OTA (over-the-air) update. This update will allow users to have more entertainment options in their vehicles. Google Cast and YouTube application are among the innovations that will significantly improve the user experience.

Various entertainment apps coming to Android Auto

Not only Google Cast, but also new entertainment applications are coming to Android Auto. In certain vehicles with built-in Google features, it will be possible to download and use applications such as Max and Peacock and the Angry Birds game from the Google Play Store. These apps mark the beginning of a new wave for Android Auto.

Google is also introducing a new app quality set for tools. In this way, even applications that are not fully designed for the vehicle screen will be able to run in vehicles. “Tier 1” applications will be the best applications that are optimized with vehicle hardware, support driving and parking modes, and can use additional instrument panels and panoramic screens.

“Tier 2” applications will be able to work in driving and parking modes by supporting the vehicle's main screen. “Tier 3” will bring tablet applications that usually only work when parked to the vehicle screen. Google will proactively review these applications and offer suitable ones for installation. Developers will be able to request a review if they think their apps are suitable.

In addition, Google announced that more than 200 million vehicles are on the road using the phone-based Android Auto experience. The Uber Driver app will also now be available on Android Auto. Announced last year, the app had a slow rollout, but is now reaching a wider user base.

With these innovations, Android Automotive and Android Auto aim to make the in-car experience richer and more enjoyable by offering a wider range of content and applications to its users. Google Cast and new applications will enable important steps to be taken in in-car entertainment and efficiency. These developments will contribute to the further growth of the Android Automotive ecosystem.

Danish Kapoor