Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

ChatGPT's data analysis capabilities expand

Today, data is considered a more valuable resource than gold. However, working with large data sets requires serious time and effort, especially in the analysis and presentation preparation phase. OpenAI is expanding ChatGPT's data analysis capabilities to streamline these processes and make data analysis more accessible.

ChatGPT's new flagship model, GPT-4o, offers significant improvements in data analysis features. Now users will be able to directly upload their latest files from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive platforms and work on tables and graphs in a more interactive way. This will allow downloading of customized graphics, especially for preparing presentations and documents.

How does data analysis work with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT's data analysis capacity is built on its ability to complete tasks in natural language. When users upload one or more data files, ChatGPT analyzes this data and writes and runs Python code. It can undertake a variety of data tasks, such as combining and cleaning large data sets, creating charts, and gaining insights. This makes it easier for beginner users to perform in-depth analysis while saving experts time on routine data cleaning tasks.

David Vaughn of The Carlyle Group cites ChatGPT as a tool he uses to analyze customer data. He states that it helps him navigate data sets that are larger and more complex than Excel can handle, allowing him to explore more data and get valuable insights faster.

ChatGPT users will now be able to add various file types directly from Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive without having to download and re-upload files to their desktop. This will allow ChatGPT to understand Google Sheets, Docs, Slides and Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint files faster.

Once a dataset is added, ChatGPT will create an interactive table that users can follow as it is updated during analysis. They can click on specific fields to ask follow-up questions or choose one of ChatGPT's suggested prompts to go deeper in their analysis.

Lauren Nowak, Marketing Manager at Afterpay, says ChatGPT guided her through the data analysis process and helped her better understand the insights. She says it makes her job more satisfying, helps her learn, and frees up time to focus on strategic business aspects.

As with every feature related to ChatGPT, OpenAI puts trust and data privacy at the heart of its mission. ChatGPT does not train on data from Team and Enterprise customers, and ChatGPT Plus users can opt out of training via Data Controls.

Danish Kapoor