Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Nokia 3210 (2024) 4G sold out in its first sale

Nokia's classic model 3210 was re-released in 2024 and attracted great attention. Announced last week in China, Nokia 3210 (2024) 4G went on sale a few days ago and was completely sold out in a short time. This new model was produced to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Nokia 3210.

Nokia 3210 (2024) 4G perfectly reflects the appearance of the original model and attracts attention with its advanced features. The phone, which offers Alipay mobile payment support, was offered for sale in China at a price of 379 yuan ($53). The model, which has black, blue and gold color options, is out of stock in the country.

In its statement on its official Weibo account, Nokia stated that all major warehouses are currently out of stock and the factory is in full capacity production. It was announced that new sales will start again on May 31. This once again reveals the iconic status and durability of the phone.

Nokia's new proposal: Nokia 220 4G

Nokia recommends another newly released model, Nokia 220 4G, to consumers. This model is more affordable than the 3210 4G and has a relatively robust design. Nokia 220 4G offers a clear image with its 2.8 inch screen and large font.

The 220 4G comes with a 1,450mAh battery capacity and an upgraded Type-C interface, providing greater flexibility and ease of use. This model, which has high sound capacity, supports QR code payments. It stands out with its built-in Nano SIM card slot and compatibility with some Chinese networks. Nokia 220 4G offers dual SIM cards and dual 4G online support. These features allow users to use two SIM cards at the same time and expand connection options.

While Nokia 3210 4G was sold at a price of 379 yuan ($53), Nokia 220 4G took its place on the shelves at a price of 299 yuan ($41). Although the 3210 model is currently out of stock, customers can easily obtain the Nokia 220 4G model from retail platforms such as

This sales success shows the interest in Nokia's classic phone models and how effective these models can still be in the market. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Nokia 3210 won the appreciation of users by combining nostalgia with technology with its new and advanced features. It is certain that Nokia will make a name for itself in the market with such innovative and nostalgic products in the future.

Danish Kapoor