Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

“Relumino Mode” is available for Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung, as a brand that has attracted attention with its work in the field of accessibility for many years, has taken another step. The company introduced the “Relumino Mode”, which it developed for users with vision problems, in the Galaxy S24 series. This new feature allows people with serious vision problems to see content more easily on their Galaxy S24 screens.

Relumino Mode, first offered on Samsung's smart televisions, is now also brought to mobile devices with the Galaxy S24 series. Relumino Mode offers a clearer and more understandable image to people with vision loss by adjusting the contrast and colors of the content. Samsung Turkey states that this mode will make a big difference, especially for people with vision problems such as chicken black disease.

Samsung Turkey detailed the use of Relumino Mode and its advantages in a video published in 2023. In the video, it is explained that director Sheridan O'Donell can continue his job thanks to Relumino Mode and that other people with vision loss can watch television more easily with this technology. Relumino Mode was awarded the CES 2023 Innovation Award and stands out as a step in line with Samsung's goals of developing sustainable and inclusive technologies.

Relumino Mode is an initiative that is compatible with Samsung's Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values. This mode is considered not only a technology but also an innovation that provides social benefit. While Samsung offers the latest technologies to its users, it also fulfills its social responsibilities.

This step by Samsung ushers in a new era in mobile devices for users with vision problems. Relumino Mode aims to provide Galaxy S24 users with a more inclusive and accessible experience. This step shows that Samsung is an important player not only in the field of technology but also in the social field.

Relumino Mode, which aims to make the lives of visually impaired people and people with vision problems easier, redefines accessibility standards on mobile devices. With this feature, Samsung aims to reduce the difficulties users face in their daily lives. This innovation once again reveals the importance of accessibility in the world of technology.

The introduction of Relumino Mode makes the Galaxy S24 series even more attractive. With this innovation, Samsung aims to expand its user base and reach more people. This step taken in accessibility reinforces Samsung's leadership in the technology world.

This development is seen as part of Samsung's commitment to providing a better experience to its users. Relumino Mode will make life easier for users with vision problems and offer a more inclusive technology experience. Such innovations by Samsung reflect the brand's leadership and social sensitivity in the industry.

Danish Kapoor