Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Galaxy Watch 7 features leaked by Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series smart watches will be revealed at the Unpacked event to be held next month. While it has been possible to see many details of smart watches thanks to leaks, the newest of these came from an unexpected source, Amazon.

The Galaxy Watch 7 product page is viewable on the Amazon Canada site. Although there is a Chromebook image as the product image here, it is not difficult to understand that the features belong to the Watch 7.

It is stated that thanks to the second generation bio-active sensor, heart rate can be better monitored both during exercise and sleep. The product page also points out that the watch has a 3 nm processor that provides improved efficiency and performance.

The product page also mentions various AI-powered features, such as a smart reply function for messages and a personalized AI companion for sleep, exercise and communication.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 can offer 100 hours of battery life with power saving mode

While it is stated that a 100-hour battery life will be provided with power saving mode, it is stated that the endurance mode will be available on the watch for long exercises. While the existence of July 10 seems correct for the release date, the price is stated to be 358.85 Canadian dollars. It is useful to remind that you should be cautious about whether the information on this page is correct or not.

Danish Kapoor