Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Battlefield 2042 joins forces with Dead Space in new event

Battlefield The 2042 team has teamed up with the sci-fi survival horror classic Dead Space for a new and surprising collaboration. Outbreak, a limited-time event, will kick off on Tuesday, July 9th and run for a week through Tuesday, July 16th.

In Outbreak, teams will be tested on their human resilience and ability to cope with difficult situations as they attempt to escape from Boreas’ laboratory against a new and ruthless enemy.

Special rewards await Battlefield 2042 players

By participating in this special event, players can get their hands on free rewards including a new weapon attachment and skin, as well as a new player card background and dog tag.

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This collaboration also includes a Dead Space pack featuring the legendary specialist gear “Marked Man”, 3 legendary weapon skins, and more. The pack will be available for purchase for 2,200 BFC.

Danish Kapoor