Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

ASUS ProArt P16 is Available for Pre-Order in Turkey

ASUS has opened ProArt P16, its newest laptop series for creativity-oriented professionals, for pre-order in Turkey. This model is powered by AMD's latest Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 processor and NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 4070 GPU. This 16-inch laptop attracts attention with its powerful performance and innovative features.

Designed specifically for creative professionals, ProArt P16 combines portability and performance. Its rugged and lightweight design allows users to continue their creative work anywhere. The new model series is equipped with artificial intelligence-supported applications and tools.

In addition to ProArt P16, ASUS also introduced the ProArt PX13 and ProArt PZ13 models. While ProArt PX13 stands out with its convertible design and high-resolution screen, ProArt PZ13 can be used as both a tablet and a laptop with its detachable keyboard. Both models offer AI-powered tools to accelerate users' creative workflows.

ASUS developed the new ProArt laptop series to meet the needs of creative professionals. ProArt P16 stands out with its powerful components and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 GPU provides AI acceleration for 2D and 3D design, video editing and streaming applications.

ProArt P16 has a case that is 14.9 mm thin and weighs 1.85 kg. This lightweight and slim design, combined with high-performance components, allows users to work efficiently anywhere. Additionally, ProArt P16 provides access to exclusive software such as NVIDIA Broadcast and RTX Video.

For users looking for a more portable option, the ProArt PX13 weighs 1.38 kg and is equipped with a 360° hinge. This model allows users to use it in various modes and offers realistic visuals with its high-resolution 3K ASUS Lumina OLED screen. Powered by AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 GPU, this model offers advanced artificial intelligence capabilities.

Offering the highest level of portability, ProArt PZ13 stands out with its weight of only 0.85 kg and its artificial intelligence-supported Snapdragon X Series processor. Equipped with a 3K ASUS Lumina OLED display and Copilot+ PC AI features, this model allows users to work with high performance anywhere. With its detachable keyboard and IP52 class durability, it can be used as both a tablet and a laptop.

ASUS aims to offer special solutions to creative professionals with its new ProArt laptop series. Thanks to the collaboration with CapCut, users can benefit from a free six-month membership program and gain access to premium features and an extensive stock library. This new laptop series is designed to accelerate creative workflows and maximize users' creativity.

Danish Kapoor