Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Official statement from Nothing for CMF Phone 1

Nothing recently made a mysterious post and signaled that it would introduce a new product soon. The internet world was quick to figure out that this product was a new phone. Following this discovery, an official statement came from Nothing and it was announced that the product to be introduced was CMF Phone 1.

According to the post, the company focused on design in a segment that large manufacturers often overlook. One might think that this is an exaggeration. However, it can also be said that this statement indirectly confirms the unique design feature leaked the other day.

Two separate X posts have revealed detailed specifications of the CMF Phone 1, pointing to a design feature that allows certain custom accessories to be fitted to the phone. The claim is also supported by old and new promotional images.

CMF Phone 1 will be available in July

Nothing's post states that the phone will become official soon. However, in the company's post dated June 4, it was announced that the phone would be released in July. CMF Phone 1 is expected to be available at a starting price of $249 to $279.


Danish Kapoor